Eating healthy, sustainably and together in Wageningen

In Wageningen, we work together to create a healthy food environment with access to good and sustainably produced food for everyone. This will not only contribute to a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable city, but also to a flourishing local economy, a strong community, the fight against poverty, innovation and knowledge development. The Food Agenda 2021-2030 lays out how we do this.

Around the Netherlands, cities are experiencing growing health differences, as parts of the population grapple with obesity, chronic illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles. Social inequality is a contributor to these health differences; they are often due to differing levels of income and education. We find similar gaps in Wageningen; some residents have healthy lifestyles and diets, yet there are many who do not.

At the same time, in Wageningen we have high climate ambitions and are working hard to reduce our CO2-emissions. Food consumption and production have a significant influence on these targets. Therefore, as a municipality we are working towards making healthy and sustainable food accessible for everyone in the city.

We pursue four main goals:

1. In Wageningen, we have a healthy food environment;
2. In Wageningen, residents eat more sustainably and locally produced food;
3. In Wageningen, households, companies and organisations waste less food;
4. In Wageningen, residents eat more plant-based food

The Food Agenda lays out a series of actions we are and will be undertaking. The following actions are being prioritised, following the enthusiasm expressed by our residents for these:

• Food as a means to strengthen the community by social cohesion, connection and participation
• Food education for children and adults
• Edible plants in public spaces and community gardens
• Better availability of sustainable, local products that are accessible and affordable
• Legislation for a healthy food environment

In undertaking these activities, the municipality works closely with actors in the city and in the region, where there is an abundance of knowledge, experience and initiatives related to food. We are committing to enhance visibility and communication about these initiatives, so that residents can join in more easily. We will also embed this Food Agenda more firmly in other fields of policy. Lastly, as a municipality we aim to set an example in our own premises and in our public purchasing.

The Food Agenda is being implemented and monitored in collaboration with residents and organisations in our city.