Local food: where are the producers?

Eating local food in Wageningen? It’s so easy! In Wageningen you can source (almost) your entire meal with food that is produced locally and sustainably. Dairy, vegetables, fruit, meat, juice, honey, herbal tea, bread, eggs, beer, wine - it is all produced and processed in and around Wageningen.

On this map you will find an overview of all producers, selling points, restaurants and caterers of a delicious local meal. What binds the producers is their care for the environment, people and animal welfare. They work together to increase the sales and visibility of sustainable local products in our region. For example, they regularly participate in sustainable regional markets under the umbrella of 'Wageningen Eats Sustainably'.

Below the map you can find a list with all these producers. Take a nice bike ride to a farm shop, harvest your own vegetables, have it delivered to your home, take part in one of the activities on the agendaactivities on the agenda or go out to eat at one of the restaurants that work with local, fresh products. Or read the portraits of local producers (in Dutch for now)!



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